Thursday, November 10, 2005

Making Room For Life

Randy Frazee, in his book "Making Room for Life", shares some great insights into the pace of everyday life that we take for granted:

"Simply put, many of us have squeezed living out of life. We don't have time to soak in life and deep friendships. We're always running around trying to get to the next event. This presents at least two major problems. First, our busy lifestyles stimulate a toxic disease called crowded loneliness. But there's an even deeper problem. In our original design we were created with a connection requirement. If this requirement is not met, we will die."

We often fool ourselves by accepting our torrid pace because:

- Everyone lives this way.

- This is a priviledged life that can only be maintained with hard work and discretionary money.

- Things will even out soon. This is just a temporary season of busyness.

Crowded Loneliness is caused by managing too many worlds, and results in:
• Overexposure
• Linear relationships
• More commuting
• Health problems

How are your relationships doing? Do you find yourself lonely, wanting to connect deeply with people despite the fact that you have many friends? Are you forever driving around in your car, your 'cocoon on wheels', aka your 'mobile penitentiary cell'?

Resolve to make the needed changes in your lifestyle before circumstances force you to. God created us with a need for community and relationships.


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