Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"Maybe the church has too much to say and asks too little. The wise person recognizes that questions are often more important than answers." Mike Yaconelli

Certainty by Paul Seburn

If you've got stock in certainty
what a shame you did not sell while you could
now we're dealing in adsurdities
it's a game that's hard to tell like we should

Is there anything left of me in the kingdom of heaven?
Is there anything more to be in the presence of love?

We talk about security
we don't have to live in hell if we're good
as I fade into obscurity
otherwise I'm doin' well. understood?

Is there anything left of me in the kingdom of heaven?
Is there anything more to Be in the presence of love?

“I do not think we have enough of the wondering spirit that the Holy Spirit gives. It is the child-spirit. A child is always wide-awake with wonder. But as we get older we forget that a child’s wonder is nearer the truth than our older knowledge. When … we are rightly related to God, we learn to watch and wait, and wait wonderingly. “I wonder how God will answer this prayer.” “I wonder how God will answer the prayer the Holy Spirit is praying in me.” “I wonder what glory God will bring to Himself out of the strange perplexities I am in.” “I wonder what new turn His providence will take in manifesting Himself in my ways.”” Oswald Chambers

Sallie McFague comments on the idea of deconstruction, (called unlearning, living the questions, what Oswald Chambers terms 'wondering'):

"it underscores the necessity of developing ‘negative capability’— the ability to endure absence, uncertainty, partiality, relativity, and to hold at bay the desire for closure, coherence, identity, totality.

Deconstruction cautions us against trying to save ourselves through our constructions. The temptation to seek security, in a vast number of complex ways, against the abyss, the chaos, the different, the other, the unknown — whatever threatens us. By seeking security through our own constructions, we refuse to step outside the houses of language we have erected to protect us from the emptiness and terror we cannot control. Our safe havens, called dogmas and orthodoxy, become absolutes, giving the illusion of being certain, being “on the inside”, having the truth.”

Let Jesus be the way, the truth and the life.


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