Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jarrett Stevens has written a book called The Deity Formerly Known as God, where he looks at six harmful images of God, and then six helpful images of God. Discovering our own images of God is an important step for healing and growth in our lives.

The images of God that are harmful are the

1. Sweet Old Man
2. Cosmic Slot Machine
3. Talent Show Judge
4. All-You-Can-Eat Buffet
5. Your Parents . . . Supersized and my personal favorite,

6. Cop around the Corner

Stevens asks us, "What people or experiences have encouraged you to see God as an authority figure waiting to nail you?" What a great question.

My heart always pounds when those sirens and lights start flashing behind my car. Busted! And then they keep right on going and I wonder, "Why was I worried?" Good question, or maybe yet a God question.

So what’s your image of God? Go ahead, take a minute to describe God in words or phrases:
God is . . .
God is like a . . .


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