Thursday, November 23, 2006

1. If you’ve been calling yourself a Christian, you should stop. It is exactly what you and the church need—forget ever being a
Christian again.

2. If you have ever encouraged someone to become a Christian, you should never do that again. Seriously, I hope you will never again ask a friend, family member, coworker, or neighbor to become a Christian.

Why? Because the last thing the mission of Jesus Christ needs is more Christians. Here is the brutal fact: 85 percent of the people in the United States call themselves Christians. Now, let’s pause long enough to realize that’s a whole lot of people—247 million people, to be exact. But how are those 85 percent doing when it comes to accomplishing Jesus’ mission?

Here is what research tells us about people in North America who call themselves Christians:

• Those who call themselves Christians are no more likely to give assistance to a homeless person on the street than non-Christians.

• Those who call themselves Christians are no more likely than non-Christians to correct the mistake when a cashier gives them too much change.

• A Christian is just as likely to have an elective abortion as a non-Christian.

• Christians divorce at the same rate as those who consider themselves non-Christians.

• Even though there are more big churches than ever before filled with people who proudly wear the title Christian, 50 percent of Christian churches didn’t help one single person find salvation.

In fact, when the Barna Research Group did a survey involving 152 separate items comparing the general population with those who called themselves Christians, they found virtually no difference between the two groups. They found no difference in the attitudes of Christians and non-Christians, and they found no difference in the actions of Christians and non- Christians. If the contemporary concept of a Christian is of someone who is no different than the rest of the world, is Christian really the word you want to use to describe your willingness to sacrifice everything you have to see God’s dream fulfilled? No way. Dave Ferguson in The Big Idea

Pretty radical stuff, but I must concur with what Dave Ferguson highlights in the first chapter of his soon to be released book. I don't believe that the results in Canada are any different.

Let's get back to following Jesus on a transforming journey. Let's crane our neck, and still our heart to hear the Father's voice. He is speaking. He is beckoning...It's time to follow....


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