Monday, February 12, 2007

A Sweet Faith...

"I think God is defragging and rebooting the church. I think what he is doing is he is getting us back to the original operating system of Christianity." Len Sweet

Sweet says that, "The old model of church is killing the West. The stale model is "attractional, propositional and colonial." We must become missional, relational and incarnational according to Sweet.

"This culture understands that everybody knows they've been created for a mission. It's not a mission project. Do you hear the difference? Throughout your whole life, you're in it. It's a pilgrimage. It's a journey."

"What is truth?

"Truth is Jesus. This is the uniqueness of Christianity in all of the religions of the world. Every other religion defines truth in propositional terms." Len Sweet

Jesus was the "only one who had the chutzpah to announce to the whole world 'I am the way.' Truth is a relationship."

In order to cultivate the ability to help people recognize the difference between propositional teachings and relational truth, the church will have to come from a different mindset for teaching and living, according to Sweet.

When he attended seminary, Sweet said he learned that "preaching is making the Scriptures come alive." Now, he speaks of believing the complete opposite -- Christians must come alive to the Scriptures!

"I'm not 360 degrees from there- I'm at 180 degrees. The complete opposite. The problem is not with the Word; the problem is with us."

“I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Jesus of Nazareth


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