Saturday, March 31, 2007

An Evening with Dog The Bounty Hunter

I recently found out that Dog the Bounty Hunter is coming to Edmonton. I'd love to hear him in person, unfortunately it looks like it's sold out. I do have a connection to NAIT so there is still a possibility.

Dog is the kind of Christ follower that would fit at CoHo with us all: a little raw but fully committed. He's had a prodigal experience and now plies his trade in a tough environment. He's seen his ups and downs on the wheel of fortune for sure.

I sent him an email inviting him to the International Justice Mission breakfast on April 14. He likely doesn't have the opportunity to attend because of travel, but I wonder if anyone else from the local Christian community wanted to meet him.

I love how the NAIT Student Association word the promotion: A&E’s hit show; Dog The Bounty Hunter is a documentary-style program, depicting the criminal conquests and the emotional roller coaster ride of the life with bounty hunter, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman. Dog tries to reach into the souls of those he captures to show them that if he turned his life around, so can they. Dog deals with a tumultuous home raising 12 kids while working & living with his spitfire woman, Beth. And, Dog and his posse of bounty hunters, deal with the everyday stress of capturing fugitives and meeting the Court’s deadlines.

With the capture of over 6,000 fugitives, the star of Dog The Bounty Hunter, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman, is undeniably the world’s greatest bounty hunter. His exterior is: rugged and handsome, weathered and tanned, leather and metal. He is muscular, intense, and stoic in his blond, shoulder-length Mohawk—with a single braid interwoven with feathers (a tribute to his Indian heritage). But don’t let the exterior tell you the whole story. The interior of this prophet’s soul, with his own brand of magnetic charisma, is what makes the show such a huge success. Dog is Yin & Yang personified: a warrior/poet; an ex-con/Born-Again Christian; a Superhero/Daddy; a modern-day savior with old-fashioned values; a real-life Billy The Kid without a gun “I’m not against guns, I’m against bullets.”

Once an outlaw, now a lawman; Dog preaches honesty, love, respect, and humility. He is the poster child of rehabilitation and the king of comebacks.


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