Sunday, January 13, 2008

consolation and desolation

"One principle of the Christian life is called 'consolation and desolation.' The theory goes like this: God works in us through two major processes, namely, consolation (that is, comfort, nearness, joy and peace) and desolation (that is, the withdrawal of conscious presence, a feeling of abandonment and the idea that God has exited from our lives)." Mark Littleton

Why not try the following for one week and see what you notice: each night before you go to bed pray and ask God to go with you on an overview of your day. Then walk through your day twice, slowly and prayerfully, the first time looking for moments of consolation, the second time, moments of desolation. Write down any insights or better yet share them with a friend.

Find God in all things; Listen with a discerning heart; Choose to live for the greater glory of God.


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