Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Your words...

words! what do they mean?
do we know what we say
to each other?
you interpret these words?
are they to the point!
do they linger in your mind?
are they poetic, rhythmic?
are they translated?
colloquial, deceiving!
how are you! no not war with you!
hypocrite, no contrite, why so?
how to repair
this damage caused...with words
better not to speak
than be heard and misunderstood!
nonsense, we owe it to others
communication is godly
we only reach consensus
if we talk, interpret, repair
hear our faults, we all err
to err is human!
words, only words.....but
words kill, maim, destroy
one chance!
Raymond Jean-Marie Barriere


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