Thursday, March 13, 2008

Marriage is a stunning picture of what God offers his people. Scripture tells us it is a living metaphor, a walking parable, a Rembrandt painting of the gospel. The Enemy knows this, and he hates it with every ounce of his malicious heart. He has no intention of just letting that beautiful portrait be lived out before the world with such deep appeal that no one can resist God's offer. John Eldredge

Many marriages have little to no structure that encourages intimacy in their relationship.... Passion in marriage is a result of making intimacy a priority for life. Many Christian couples think passion either is a part of their relationship, or it isn't. The truth is that passion is a dividend that comes from making consistent investments in the priorities of a marriage relationship.... Many couples try to get the passion back into their relationship, when what they need to do is to get their priorities back. Once you reestablish the priority of the relationship, the passion naturally follows and grows. Doug Weiss

Share two things you love, appreciate or value about your partner with them.

Father thank you that you have called us into an intimate relationship with each other. We recognize that our marriage is anchored by Your love. We need your help in the following areas ____. We want to remember some of the ways You have blessed the two of us ____. Thank you.


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