Friday, April 25, 2008

Acts For Everyone

Bishop Tom Wright's book, Acts For Everyone has & will continue to be a great resource for this journey we are on through the Book of Acts. Pick up a copy today and go deeper into learning about God's work!

Imagine a world without this astonishing teaching! Imagine a society where there was no ‘common life’ built around a shared belief in Jesus! Imagine a world without ‘the bread-breaking,’ or a world without prayer! Life would be bleak indeed — as it often is for many people, not least those who embrace a relentlessly secularist lifestyle, shutting the door on any of these possibilities. And if you lived in such a world, and then suddenly found yourself swept up in this pattern of teaching, fellowship, bread-breaking and prayer, you would know that new dimensions had opened up before you, and new vistas of how the world might be had suddenly become visible. NT Wright


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