Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

To you thou fair spirits, we honor this day
We, the hairy, the gaseous, and coarse
To you as our mothers did labor in pain
Our life and our nurse and our source

And later in life to our eyes were so fair
We boys in our shorts and our hats
Did spy thee one day and one glance of your eyes
Made our hearts do their pitters and pats

We pledged you our hearts
We gave you our socks.
As lovers excelled on our knees
But struggled as soon as the altar we left
To give more than our soiled BVDs

But you’ve loved us these years
Even liked us at times!
Ah forgiving one! Who could berate her?
To love those whose scalps have now fled to the south
And whose girths doth resemble equators!

We gave you our seed for your nurture within
While we swelled and said, “Ah what a man!”
Until labor began and a head did emerge
And we fled like a shot to the can!

And as birds they soon grew up to struggle and fly.
While you faithfully stood by to serve.
To love, teach, and nourish, and chasten, and help
Those who like us could hurt and unnerve

And when we are old and our pledges have dimmed
Or have tarnished or vanished as dew
Through the length of the years
Through their joys and their tears
The face that stayed steadfast—was you.

Tho sadly enough we were not quite that smart
To perceive what was clear about you,
And it took us a life to see obviously
That which boldly was displayed as true
In this world which too often our sex
had destroyed
One where war, hate, and pain we gave place
—it was you—
God’s last touch to our world we have found
that brought beautyand sweetness
and grace.

Happy Mother’s day! by Tommy Nelson


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