Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Take Hold of Hope...

Seize the day.

They are powerful words, yet truly I wonder how many of us are moved by them or put them to use and move ourselves. Many are the musings that meander in and out of my thoughts lately and I find that some things that have gathered dust in the far recesses of my heart are starting to move once again. Broken dreams of a bygone age are stirring, and new life seems to pour into these dust covered bones as I take in all that I have been witness to this year, and all I have been called upon to bear.

There was a time when joy filled my voice and the laughter of a jester boomed out of me till tears fell from my eyes.

There was a time when pen never failed to reach paper and words flew to the page from a mind that flew freely upon the wings of imagination.

There was a time when my heart was young, and full of life, where not a single bitter root was to be found.

There was a time when trust was freely given, and a helping hand was always being outstretched to those in need.

There was a time when faith and hope were rocks that could not be broken and dreams were created with never a doubt of their happening.

Like all times though they pass and move on and times of a different sort creep in almost unawares until all that once was fades away, almost forgotten. Life throws curveballs, dreams are broken, innocence is ripped away, and joy becomes more of a legend than a reality.

Carpe Diem

Strong words that shout to the things of the past when life was fresh and dreams were young. Words that call and sing to the lost hurt places of one's heart. Words of encouragement, a battle-cry to the scarred places which hope for healing. Words that ring so loud they only come to us in a whisper when our hearts need them the most.

Carpe Diem...Seize The Day

Those two words call out to me now. They call out to the broken places, they call out to the dry and dusty places saying, "Rise Up, take hold of Hope, be of a courageous heart, and dream dreams once again."

I just finished watching the movie The Bucket List, and hear those words resounding in my heart, calling out to me once again. Will I listen this time, do I ever listen when the old dreams of a joy filled youth call again, I do not know.

I hope I will listen though, I pray that I will find the courage to listen, to face the pain filled places of my heart and open them once again to newness of life and healing. I pray to God that I might dream once more and learn to laugh with joy once again. Fred


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