Monday, November 24, 2008

Is your journey with Jesus an Epic or just good morals & a few prayers?

I think some would say the goal is to be successful in your career & provide for your family, while others would frame it as being a "nice guy". For me it would have been to be viewed by others as being very "biblical". Looking back, I took my cues for godliness from popular conservative teachers who seemed to present the goal as being biblical, what I now understand to be sub-biblical, or superficial & ignoring the internal issues of the heart. The goal was merely to have a submisive wife, to witness, to be devoted to faithful study of the Word of God evidenced by a growing doctrinal-purity-swagger, to have no obvious sin (smoking, drinking, voting Democrat, being demonstative in worship) to quote a lot of verses, & to attend the monthly men's breakfast. The goal was conformity to a set of behaviors. I now see the goal is being much deeper, more profound, more God-centred...more (truly) biblical. Craig McConnell


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