Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Ladder of Humility

Humility is the only ladder to the highest honor in God’s kingdom.
St. Benedict proposed a 12 Step Ladder of Humility, a wonderful reminder of grace in action.

The 12 Steps are not meant in a legalistic fashion, rather as a guide that gives support and structure for our lives.

Fear the God who sees all
Desire only the Father's will
Submit as unto the Lord
Embrace difficulties for Christ
Confess all sin, conceal none
Be content with the lowest task
Choose humble attitudes not just words
Follow the common rule
Control the tongue, learn silence
Beware careless laughter
Speak gently at all times, be meek
Show humility in one's bearing

What would our church looked like if we we really lived these out through the power of the Holy Spirit?


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