Friday, October 27, 2006

I’m Having A Moment Here God...

Mel Blackaby, recalling a time when he felt frustrated, hurt and lonesome, shares the following story:


“Yes, Lord,” I responded.

“Stop whining!”

I thought to myself, Now that’s a little insensitive! Lord, I’m having a moment here. But soon I began to understand.

It was as if the Lord was saying, “Now you know how I feel. The only time we talk is when you need something. The only time we spend together is when you’re desperate for My help. And worst of all, you’ve forgotten how much I’ve done for you.”

I began reflecting on what God had done in my life, how blessed I was, how loved I was. If all I’d received from Him was salvation, that would be far more than I deserved; but God hadn’t stopped there—He had shown me grace beyond measure.

The more I reflected on this, the more my spirit lifted and my sorrow turned to joy. He brought to mind events that had shaped my life, people who had invested in me, and so many good things I’d experienced. It was as though my life flashed before my eyes and I saw His hand in every stage. His presence throughout my life was obvious. And my awareness of this seemed to make everything all right as I continued home that night.

Clearly, Mel heard with his heart what the Lord was saying to him. It evoked a deep sense of gratitude in his spirit recalling God's abiding presence in his life.

How do you respond when things don't at first go your way?

Going The Second Mile
Chapter 1


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