Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"Our research shows that transformation does not occur in the church." George Barna

Barna is referring to all of the events, programs and activities of a regular church. All of them amount to futility in Barna's eyes.

Joe Schimmels asks the following questions to help us frame the issue at hand:

1) As you look back on your own transformation, how much was related to the church as an institution?

2) Where in you current church, are you seeing the most transformation? The least?

3) Is the home church movement proof that his research is accurate?

4) How many ministries in your church start from the ground up or do they begin from the top down?

Barna's results don't surprise me at all. Sadly, many ideas in church are good ideas, but they aren't God ideas. We must quiet ourselves in order listen for the Father's voice. Hearing His voice leads to transformation.

When we hear the Father we won't fear our own spiritual poverty. We won't need to hide, or puff ourselves up, or raise our own voice to get a hearing. We'll be able to live in genuine community. Lets all go there now....


Blogger Bob Stenhouse said...

As I reflect on my own transformation I realize that transformation has come from a desire to truly die to myself, my self-centeredness, my wants, my needs, and allow the Spirit of Christ room to grow and work and change my heart. This, for me, has been a daily journey and is something that I know I desire to continue with. As soon as we figure that we have it together, have the answers, or are more "spiritual" than others we cease to transform and actually transgress. By God's grace alone do we transform, because it is his grace that gives us an open and humble heart in the first place... he is such a good father.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Stew Carson said...

I love that name for God, 'the good Father'. May we all allow Him to continue to re-Father us.

8:49 AM  

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