Tuesday, December 12, 2006

There is something inside of me. Something that can't wait to see you. Something that gives me butterflies and keeps me from focusing on today. Something inside me tells me to hope for things I cannot see. And so I hope because you are coming. You are coming. You've told me this and I wait in eager anticipation. There is something inside me that knows you're on your way. That same thing that knows you are coming knows everything will be different when you get here. And for that I rejoice. I sing and I dance because I know that when you come it will be true. We will finally be together and I can't seem to hope for anything else.

And so I wait. I stop and wait. Patiently, when my feet will allow, but mostly anxiously, like a young child knowing her father will return. I move and I fuss. I pace this hardwod floor and find myself gazing out the window. I can't stand still. Soon we will be together. You've promised that you will come and because of that my song will not be silenced and my feet cannot be still.

I hear words of your arrival. Your voice whispers a promise that renews my strength. I trust you and know that you are good. And so-this waiting turns into hoping, which nourishes my love for you. Soon we will be together. Stefanie Faridnia


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