Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas With Style

One week ago today the CoHo family served out of the love of Christ in their hearts in the annual Christmas With Style event. In truth, many had been giving great energy collecting clothes for quite some time, contacting businesses for support, working logistics, decorating for the event, doing set up, and so many other things that needed to be done behind the scenes to make it happen.

To watch the event was really beautiful, it was as if seeing a group of people truly become 'one body'. Below is a link to Don Retson's article for the Edmonton Journal.

Many thanks to all who served tirelessly behind the scenes, those who donated clothes, products and time, and especially to those women who participated- it truly was a blessing for us to be able to meet and share together with you all last Sunday.

Bob shared that as he was driving to church one of the women in his car said, "do I have to sit through a church service for this?" "No", he said, "this is a no obligation free gift to you from the heart of God." Another woman in the car quipped, "maybe it would do you some good."! The woman then asked if they could leave by 2:00 and Bob said that they could leave whenever they wanted. At about 3:20 Bob had to encourage them that "we should probably get going!"

Writes Bob, "the atmosphere, love, service, music and food were clearly a refuge and draw for these ladies, they did not want to leave!"

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