Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas With Style is tomorrow!

No regular service- instead we will serve the 100+ women from shelters.

Christie writes the following...

"As most of you know "Christmas With Style" is this Sunday, with that being said I really feel the need for Prayer over this event. It was like God said "send out a Prayer request" so I am.

Pray for ladies that are coming that they would be open to what we have to offer them, that we want nothing return. Just the joy on their faces!

Pray that the driver's would be safe on the road as they are doing a lot of driving that day, as well that their would be no issues with the ladies and transportation.

Pray for the Stylist that they would see the difference they are making in giving of their time and talents.I don't think they realize the difference they make in these ladies lives.

Pray that things would go smoothly as far as pick up's and drop off's, I know that can get pretty overwhelming, so with that Pray for Gord as he has all of this worked out and it is a very stressful day for Gord.

Pray for the volunteers that have been working before hand that they would continue to have the energy they need to do the job's that still need to be done.

I guess Pray as God lead you, these were a few things that came to mind.

Most of all that we would remember that this day is about giving these ladies a day that they will never forget, that they would go away knowing even for that one it was about them and only them. That this day would make this holiday season just that much brighter for them, that they would see some hope...

Thank you to all who have been involved and are going to be, it's a day you will never forget!!

God Bless,


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