Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jesus We're So In Need Of You...

With a broken heart I come to stand before You
So in need of a comforting word
I'm feeling lost and I'm tired of feeling empty
I'm so in need of You

Now I'm holding on to the One that gives me hope
Jesus, how I need You
Oh, this stirring in my soul, it just won't let me go
Because I know I'm so in need of You

When it's hard to trust, and the fear wells up within me
I'm so in need of a comforting word
I need Your love and Your presence all around me
I'm so in need of You

No matter how I try I could never live without You
Forgive me for thinking I could make it on my own, on my own

None of us has been loved adequately. We all feel we cannot afford to give love away to anyone else. Admit it or not, that is your heart and mine. Only God’s Spirit can alter that self-fixation. Even with the presence of the Spirit, my thirty-five year history at large in God’s Church tells me it is rare to meet a Jesus Follower who lives in light of the realization for any significant length of time. Steve Sjogren


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