Saturday, March 22, 2008

Walk on...

I will not give up on you as a person.

Regardless of how you respond — I will confer worth on you and treat you as more important than I — not just with my words but with my actions.

I will set aside my urge to serve self and instead consider you first.

You don't owe me a thing because I love. My love is willing and voluntary — and I will not make you feel that you are indebted to me.

I won't force my love or force you to do anything because of my love — but I expect my love to overwhelm you.

My love will be discerning and yet will not be critical, suspicious or over-sensitive.

I will not cause you to live in the fear of my disapproval, anger or withdrawal of love.

I will not bring up and rehash things that we have settled and will not remember things that have been dealt with.

I will bring up in honesty, things that need to be spoken and dealt with so that our ledger sheet of love may be reconciled.

My love will be full of truth — because if my love lacks truth — it is not love. By the same token, the truths I say to you will be said in love — because truth that does not have love — is not the truth.

When things go wrong, when there are hurts, misunderstandings, breakdowns, times of silence and separation, I will trust God for things to change — and will walk the second mile to try and reconcile — leaving the door open.

I will make an effort not to be put off but to put up with all that is happening — and deliberately look for the best in you — but through the lens of truth.

My love towards you is intentional, unconditional, not looking for any return.

My love for you will have the same quality of my Father's love for me.


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