Saturday, June 07, 2008

Brokenness is always accompanied by gratitude...

In 1999, the renowned writer Stephen King was the victimof a serious automobile accident. While King was walking on a country road not far from his summer home in rural Maine, the driver of a van, distracted by his rottweiler, veered off the road and struck King, throwing him over the van's windshield and into a ditch. He just missed falling against a rocky ledge. King was hospitalized with multiple fractures to his right leg and hip, a collapsed lung, broken ribs, and a scalp laceration. When later asked what he was thinking when told he could have died, his one-word answer: "Gratitude." An avowedly nonreligious individual in his personal life, he nonetheless on this occasion perceived the goodness of divine influence in the outcome. In discussing the issue of culpability for the accident, King said, "It's God's grace that he [the driver of the van] isn't responsible for my death." (Robert Emmons, Thanks!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Stew:

Just wanted to tell you that we will be praying specifically for you and your congregation tomorrow as we start One Prayer. Hope you have a great day.

Edmonton First Church of the Nazarene

8:27 PM  

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