Thursday, July 24, 2008

God is bigger than my present understanding of him.

Suspend your current rules of how God operates and allow yourself to play in the realm of the possible for God. Get into a germinal frame of mind to receive from the Father. Stop your critical judge from coming in & sabotaging what God might be saying to you.

This is why I love The Shack.

“The Shack is a metaphor. It’s the place where you get stuck. It’s the place you keep your secrets. We don’t go back there willingly. The shortest distance between you and your wholeness is through your obstacles.”

It won’t be liked. It won’t be tolerated. It will be loved or despised. As each reader first steps across the threshold of the Shack, they will have an opportunity, granted by Me, to be deeply offended. As their hearts reel at the possiblity of God stepping down as far as a big black hug, they will either be un-stumbled and touch the Son at Calvry, knowing the wounds also engraved in My wrists, or they will sentence themselves to a bounded vertical relationship; a ‘thus far and no farther’ tension that never squeals with glee as I tickle them unmercifully or never groans deep within as I press my fingers into the open wounds of their own broken souls.

Knowing Me is the goal. Paul knows Me. Better still, I know Paul, and I have trusted him enough to reveal a little of Myself to him. How do you like Me now?
(Lawrence Rae as written to William P. Young)


Blogger Blogger Fred said...

Pastor Stew,
I have read The Shack and am still trying to digest it. You are right; God is bigger than my present understanding of him. I pray that he will open the eyes of my heart to see into his presence however it is presented. Thanks for the comment on the book! Blessings to you. . .

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