Saturday, November 26, 2005


Tonight at 7:00 PM at CoHo is the second installment of 'Ignite!'

Not really a worship service, although we will worship with 'Life Atomic'; not really a sermon, although Ken will share from his heart; not really just for fun because you'll meet old friends and make new ones that'll charge your life up with Jesus Christ!

'Ignite' is a movement, defying definition. It can happen anytime and anywehere you'll open your life up to the leading of Jesus. Dick Halverson once said that Jesus didn't have a day planner but simply went about doing good. On His way to heal a dead child He stopped for a woman who had been healed by touching His garment. We never know what our life will become when we let the passion of Jesus flow through us. We never know how a small blessing will grow. Giant oaks grow from small acorns.

As you guessed the hoodies are in full production. They'll also be for sale tomorrow night @ Ignite! The hoodies are just a subtle reminder that we live to start a fire for God, to ignite a revolution of love. They have a story all their own, too. When Ken dropped the design for the hoodies off, the guys who went to work on them were so enamored with the logo they asked him back to explain all about Ignite! Let love rule!


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