Friday, January 06, 2006

A Blessing

May you always be a faithful steward of God’s creative fire, and may your art blaze with beauty and truth, ignited by color, sound, movement and memory.

May the quality of your life stun unsuspecting sinners with kindness, patience and grace.

May your work make you keenly aware of your reliance on others and humbly mindful of your dependence on Christ.

May you never be so absorbed with your own story that you forget your part in the Great Story.

Regardless of your role, may the incomparable teachings of Jesus come to life in you, and bring life to those around you.

May you be pursued by the relentless love of Christ and rescued by Him when you wander.

May your work for God never get in the way of His work in you.

May you find rest, hope, mercy and peace in the Maker of Imagination.

May you complete the work He has for you, And may we meet again this side of Heaven to celebrate our journey. ©Lin Sexton


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