Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finishing Well

The Bible is ripe with life stories that teach us much. Bobby Clinton and David Wong have written a book called Finishing Well: Closing Significant Chapters of Life that examines 14 Biblical characters, highlighting both positive and negative incidents in their lives to teach us important lessons.

Many of the characters found in the scriptures could be mirror images of us, were we to just change the names and update the circumstances. Perhaps that's the point of reading the Bible...

Which of these characters could be you...

Saul "A Heart Too Hard" This speaks to the pride barrier.

Solomon "A Heart Too Soft" Starting well does not insure a good finish.

David "1st sketch—Hard and Soft in the right places" One’s response when confronted by God is crucial.

Samson "Fatal Ignorance" Power in ministry, alone, especially without discernment, can be very problematic.

Eli "Fatal Indulgence" “Do I have some fatal indulgence?”

Samuel "Vital Resilience" Discouragements will come in life and ministry; seeing God in and through them can be crucial to surviving them.

Moses "So Near, Yet So Far" Leaders, like Moses—especially those with high profile and claiming to speak for God, will be held to high standards in their own lives and ministry— because they influence so many. Yet God was gracious in his treatment of Moses.

Psalm 119:18
Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from your word.


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