Saturday, March 18, 2006


I long for…
… the wind of his Spirit to breathe calmness into the chaos of my life.
… the fullness of his wisdom to order the thoughts in my mind.
… the sufficiency of his strength to undergird the weakness of my body.
… the abundance of his blessing to saturate the poverty of my spirit.
… the joy of his will to give rich pleasure to my journey.
… the refuge of his arms to shield me from my fears.
… the gentleness of his touch to reawaken the feelings of my heart.
… the compassion of his heart to enfold me and hold me close.
I long to see Jesus … again. Anne Graham Lotz

Have you ever felt abandoned by God? You’re praying but it doesn’t seem like God is listening. It feels like God is busy answering other people's prayers!

Is it possible this is happening because the conversation is one way, your request needing God's answer? What if you waited to hear God's request instead?

Be still. Listen with the ears of your heart. Can you hear him? The still, small voice of God is calling you to see Jesus – again. He is calling you to an experience of personal awakening. Right here. Right now.


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