Friday, July 14, 2006

Pursuing The Dream

For what am I most grateful?

For what am I least grateful?

Where have I been most aware of God’s presence?

Where have I been least aware of God’s presence?

These are key questions that allow us the needed growth to reach towards our dream.

"I don't care about material things. It never meant Jack to me. … The only thing that I guess I would treasure more than anything else is the health of my kids, then my wife, then me. In that order. Everything else I could take care of easy . . . I'm here. I go to bed at night, you know, with four kids laying on your head. That's a lot cooler existence than being on the cover of a goofy magazine with the latest starlet. It only plays well to selling covers of magazines. It's a pretty lonely existence. I can tell you firsthand." Jon Bon Jovi


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