Friday, August 11, 2006

Got Grit?

"I know God won't give me anything I can't handle. I just wish he didn't trust me so much!" Mother Theresa

A childhood friend of Mother Teresa recalls her saying in 1928, "I have decided to dedicate myself completely to God and to devote my life to going on missions and to serving souls." Theresa was 18 years old at the time! She then joined the Irish Catholic order of nuns that operated missions in India.

In 1946 Mother Theresa contracted tuberculosis. It was during that time that she received "a call within a call." Based on God's 'ask', she decided to devote herself to the poorest of the poor by working in the slums of Calcutta. Mother Theresa founded her own order, the Missionaries of Charity, whose work was to provide "free service to the poor and the unwanted, regardless of caste, creed, nationality or race."

Mother Theresa had grit. How about you?

Can you say "yes" to how many of the following statements?
I have achieved a goal that took several years of work.
I have overcome setbacks and conquered an important challenge.
I finish what I begin.
I won't let setbacks discourage me.
I am a very hard worker.
I am diligent.
I am currently working on a project that will take years to finish.
Life is more like a marathon than a sprint.
I discipline myself by practicing a sport, musical interest, or some other skill daily.

0-3 Get up off the couch and do something! Check your pulse!
4-6 Now is a good time to take inventory of what's important to yourself.
7-9 Way to go! You're on your way to finishing well.


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