Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mark Goulston has some great words on self -esteem. He writes that, "Self-esteem is crucial to how much or how little contentment you feel at the end of your life."

As Christ followers we get our sense of worth, our self-esteem, from the fact that we have the opportunity to grow to be more like Jesus Christ.

It is most definitely a journey of growth, discipline and love. Have a look at Goulston's "Top 10 Measures of Self-Esteem" and ask God to speak to your own growing sense of worth:

1. How much you do to raise and DON'T do to lower the self-esteem of others
2. How long you sustain an effort outside of your comfort zone to help the common good.
3. How full an effort you give to a fair decision that you disagree with.
4. How easily you ask for help or assistance.
5. How quickly and sincerely you thank someone who has helped you.
6. How quickly you offer help without the other person having to ask for it.
7. How fully you forgive and forget after you've been hurt and how quickly you move on.
8. How quickly you recognize and earnestly you apologize for your failures of commission or omission.
9. How enthusiastically you congratulate someone else on an achievement or good fortune.
10. How much more you give to the world than you take from it.

Immature love is loving someone for what they do right; Mature love is loving someone in spite of what they do wrong. Mark Goulston


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