Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Come Join The Conversation

Beyond the 'Evolution vs. Creation' Debate

Lecturer: Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux
Date: Thursday September 28; 5:00 - 6:30 PM

Place: Lecture Theater 129 Education Building (1st floor south end)

Are there only two positions on origins: evolution or creation? An introduction to professional terminology, science-religion dialogue, andvarious views on origins (young earth creation, progressive creation, evolutionary creation, deistic evolution & atheistic evolution). Lecturer also shares his personal voyage in this debate.

Denis O. Lamoureux is an assistant professor of science and religion at St. Joseph's College in the University of Alberta. His academic specialty focuses on the modern origins controversy. He has debated leading anti-evolutionists Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe and JonathanWells. He is a co-author of Darwinism Defeated: The Johnson-Lamoureux Debate on Biological Origins (1999). Lamoureux holds three earned doctoral degrees: dentistry, theology and biology.

Come on out on Thursday night and enjoy the presentation. There's a good chance we'll have the opportunity to talk more at the Powerplant or some other stimulating watering hole!

Chuck Smith, Jr., recently commented on his more famous pastor-father, Chuck Sr., concerning his own belief that "Christianity and evolution are compatible".

It is no small irony, as Jr. sees it, that his father, the biblical literalist whose chapel bookstore is full of anti-Darwin tracts, ignited his love of science. Equipped with a cheap telescope, Dad took him under the stars as a boy, rapturously pointing out the constellations and the distances between heavenly bodies — all a reflection, he explained to his awe-struck son, of God's majesty.

"It's sad to me that a man passionate about God's creation should have his education stunted at some level by a narrow vision of creationism. Because the universe is no less fascinating for being 15 billion years old than being 10,000 years old."

LA Times article


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