Monday, November 19, 2007


It’s difficult to express gratitude to a group of people who have poured into the lives of others in what may seem to be a small, yet very significant manner. However, please allow me to try.

First, to Gord (the small man with the BIG Heart) – a HUGE thank you for carrying on the original vision – of providing a day where the disadvantaged women and mothers of our city are treated with respect and dignity. "Blessings, my friend!"

To the Kitchen Crew (Jackie, Judy, Jay, Bryan & Lauren and Company): We’re all fed up! Seriously, you did an AMAZING job of serving with class. You were all terrific. (And special mention to the men too!)

To our Corporate sponsor McDonalds (with the assistance of Jaime) – We sincerely could not have provided such a nice spread without you. Many thanks to all those workers who made it happen!

To the ladies "with style:" Thanks to the 6 ladies who joined me this past Friday to decorate the entrance and the café. You are all very hard workers and a lot of fun too! Thank you for working all day. Now about those wreaths…

Dear Drivers: Thanks you for treating the ladies so special, and for going above and beyond your "duty."

To our Pastor Stew: We appreciate your availability to assist us in making this event happen, and for working along side us in the set up and clean up too!

Last, to all those who donated in any regard; whether food, clothing, miscellaneous items, financial or time. Whether you assisted on the day of, or in the set –up before or after, or in the behind the scenes work such as shopping, and signage. All is very much appreciated. Way to go!

Although this event was a ton of work, Christie and I would like to say that we thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and getting to know some of you better. We are very grateful to all for giving of yourself and stepping up to the plate with passion and enthusiasm. It was AWESOME to see the church in ACTION!

Many thanks, and blessings to you all as we soon approach the advent season. May your Christmas season be filled with 'HOPE', as the Messiah has come, and we will soon celebrate the remembrance of His birth.

Christie and Sandy (Gord’s extra hands and feet)

To Christie: You exude enthusiasm in your relentless approach to see that the ladies get nothing but our best! You’re a doll and great to work with!

A brief report back from one of our drivers, Rachel Rogers:

"I just wanted to pass on a big thank-you from the two women I drove around today – they asked specifically that I tell the church thank you. One of the women is not in good shape and she told me that yesterday she was ready to just give up. She told me that besides her children and grandkids, today was the most awesome day of her life. She said it couldn’t have come at a better time for her and she is very grateful for all that was done for her."

From Ted Traikovski:

"Some of the Women that were in my car yesterday cried and asked me to bless you people with all of their hearts! One woman I transported in a wheelchair was so overwhelmed with tears I thought she was in physical pain, but it turns out that she was so overcome with emotions that she wept because nobody has ever cared for her like this."

We'll share more of the stories in the days to come...


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