Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tears are a sign that we are struggling with power of one sort or another: the loss of ours; the entering of God's. Maggie Ross
I have seen people shed tears over some great joy; sometimes, in fact, I have done so myself. It seems to me that the feelings which come to us from Divine things are as purely natural as these, except that their source is nobler... worldly joys have their source in our own nature and end in God, whereas spiritual consolations have their source in God, but we experience them in a natural way...
If I began to weep over the Passion, I could not stop until I had a splitting headache; and the same thing happened when I wept for my sins. This was a great grace granted me by Our Lord, and I will not for the moment examine each of these favours and decide which is the better... the tears and longings sometimes arise partly from our nature and from the state of preparedness we are in; but nevertheless... they eventually lead one to God.
Note also that distress of this kind is apt to be caused by weak health, especially in emotional people, who weep for the slightest thing; again and again they will think they are weeping for reasons which have to do with God but this will not be so in reality.
Do not let us suppose that if we weep a great deal we have done everything that matters... Let the tears come when God is pleased to send them: we ourselves should make no efforts to induce them. They will leave this dry ground of ours well watered and will be of great help in producing fruit; but the less notice we take of them, the more they will do, because they are the water which comes from Heaven. Theresa of Avila
Crying is one of the things we need to learn from children. Even Jesus wept in John 11:35.
What do you cry about & who do you weep for?
Psalm 56:8
You've kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book.


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