Friday, May 16, 2008

Today, 12:00- 12:15 PM pray for Myanmar...

Friday May 16, World Vision is asking Canadians to stop at noon and pray for 15 minutes.

Pray that the international aid pipeline is enormously broadened. World Vision has planeloads of emergency supplies ready to be airlifted to Myanmar, but we are waiting for the Myanmar government to give permission to land.

Pray for children who are incredibly vulnerable at times like these. Thousands are now homeless and separated from their parents. Pray for their safety and that families will be reunited.

Pray for relief workers and their families. World Vision has almost 600 staff in Myanmar, but they too are cyclone survivors. Pray for their health and safety, and for comfort for those who have lost friends and family members.

Pray that God will guide the leaders of the relief effort.

Pray for Myanmar, particularly for comfort, hope and support for those affected by the devastation.


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