Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mentors and cheerleaders...

Many times over the past several years I have been amazed how just at the right time God brings someone along to provide support or encouragement.

I was reading a friends' blog yesterday who was struggling with his place in life and ministry & I noticed how one of his God-provided mentors and cheerleaders chimed in on the comments section that, 'he was a hero who had been staying faithful to what God had called him to do.'

I'm sure that was received as a message from the Lord Himself. It brought reflections of how God has spoken to me in the past through my own mentors, and it helped me look to who God is laying on my heart to pray for & encourage through a difficult time.

One of the effects of Paul's letters to the early churches was to exactly help them experience a mentor and cheerleader and in doing so realize that Jesus himself was in their midst.

Who are your mentors and cheerleaders? Do you regularly thank God for them?

Who are you coming alongside of?


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