Sunday, November 27, 2005

Grey Cup Chili Cook-Off Part 3: And The Winner Is...

Well, there were actually several winners. First, the Eskimos actually won the Grey Cup game in a thrilling overtime shootout 38-35. Second, Robert Harper claimed his first ever CoHo Chili Championship with a narrow victory over Gloria and Matt, and Daryl. Sorry Danny, there's always next year.

But most importantly the church won. There was about 70 people for the afternoon and evening festivities! From the 25 people who braved the elements and played a couple of football games outside, to the numerous other kids and adults alike who munched on chips, drank pop and chowed down on chili during the actual watching of the Grey Cup, it was an amazing day indeed.

Who will ever forget Robert's stunning chili presentation. It touched me deeply. Robert is pictured here with the birthday girl, Deb S. , who passed a significant milestone, but decorum forbids me from wishing her well on the other side of f_rty!

Sandy was unbelievable in her tireless work preparing for the meal and judging the contest. Daryl was astounding in his multimedia set-up. It was like visiting the Future Shop electronics area! Daryl's company is and they do great work should you ever need home theatre help.

I must admit that the sting of losing the chili championship will be felt in my mouth for some time (not to mention my stomach!). I guess I should have added one more can of Stagg Chili to my 'homebrew'. To quote a famous line, "I'll be back." Both Shanley and I felt we were crowned 'The People's Champion' based on the fact that our whole batches of chili were consumed, while other pots had a great deal of food left inside of them.

Stay tuned for tomorrows post on 'hurt and bitterness'....


Blogger Paul Seburn said...

If I was lost in the bush for 4-5 days I'd want Danny's chili.

If I was in "Gay Paris" I would enjoy Robert's corn bread (and chili).

But for an all purpose, stick to your ribs down home stew, you guesed it I'd pick Stu Carson's Slow Cooked Chili.

Of course we could just combine everybody's into one big pot and enjoy.

"Everyone's a winner baby that's the truth"

10:59 AM  
Anonymous The Bonk said...

Wow, what a great day for all, COHO rocks, thanks everyone for making my birthday and the chili cook off and the big game a great success, All did a great job, Sandy, thanks for all your hard work, it was great. by the way, I tied for second, but according to public opinion, my chili was the best tasting, that is not crying, that is the gospel, Bless you all, Bonko

11:22 AM  
Anonymous bob stenhouse said...

Danny, I agree that public opinion sometimes overrides the viewpoint of the judges. yours was awesome and as Paul said, if I was in the bush that is the one. I loved the diversity of the chilis and Shanley's had that down south taste that was really unique. What a great day and what a great community to enjoy it with. Our boys are still raving about the weekend with ignite on Saturday night and Grey Cup Sunday. God's love was very evident as we do life together. Thanks to all the young folk who bring a vibrancy and enthusiasm to our church. It's all good!

11:51 AM  
Anonymous The Big 'M' said...

Mr. Danny, when can I eat the nose cake'? I couldn't last night 'cause Mali had too many treats. I didn't even know there was chili to eat.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Sandy Miller said...

You're welcome Danny!

Considering the Grey cup means about as much to me as blonde joke; It was a blast!

And...I'd never want to be with any of you 'guys' in 'Gay Paris'... or lost in the bush for that matter!

However, I'm all for doing life together,
and thanks to all of you for including me (and my kids) in the CoHo Community!

ps. It was indeed an awesome weekend starting with the women's mini reatreat which was...well I guess you'll never know!

2:28 PM  

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