Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Stress Test: Is My Child Over-Stressed?

The incidence of depression in children and youth is higher than it ever has been. Young people suffer the effects from family strain and uncertainties more than ever. How are your children coping with their life? Take the following test or send it along to someone who may benefit from the wake up call today.

Study: Major Depression Strikes 2.2 Million Teens

Child's Name_____________________________

Carefully review your child's behavior and complaints for the past two or three weeks and rate the following questions using this scale:

0 = My child infrequently feels or experiences this.
1 = My child sometimes (perhaps once a month) experiences this.
2 = My child experiences this often (between once a month and once a week).
3 = My child experiences this frequently (more than once a week).

1. My child complains of headaches, backaches, or general muscle pains or stiffness. ____
2. My child reports stomach pains, digestive problems, cramps, or diarrhea. ____
3. My child has cold hands or feet, sweaty palms, or increased perspiration. ____
4. My child has a shaky voice, trembles and shakes, displays nervous tics, or grinds and
clenches his or her teeth. ____
5. My child gets sores in the mouth, skin rashes, or low-grade infections like the flu. ____
6. My child reports irregular heartbeats, skipped beats, thumping in the chest, or
a racing heart. ____
7. My child is restless, unstable, and feels "blue" or low. ____
8. My child is angry and defiant and wants to break things. ____
9. My child has crying spells, and I have difficulty stopping them. ____
10. My child overeats, especially sweet things. ____
11. My child seems to have difficulty in concentrating on homework assignments. ____
12. My child reacts very intensely (with angry shouting) whenever he or she is frustrated. ____
13. My child complains of a lot of pain in many places of the body. ____
14. My child seems anxious, fidgety, and restless, and he or she tends to worry a lot. ____
15. My child has little energy and has difficulty getting started on a project. ____

Total: ____

Test Interpretation
0-5 Your child is remarkably low in stress or handles stressful situations extremely well.
6-12 Your child is showing minor signs of stress. While it is nothing to be concerned about some attention to stress control may be warranted.
13-20 Your child is beginning to show signs of moderate stress. Some attention should be given to how your child copes with stress.
21-30 Your child is showing significant signs of stress. You should give urgent attention to helping him or her reduce stress levels.
Over 30 Your child appears to be experiencing very high stress levels. You should do everything possible to eliminate stressful situations until your child can learn to cope. You may want to consider getting professional help.

Note: You may want to go over the test items that have been answered with a rating of 2 or above to better understand the signs of stress in your child's life. See where you can provide relief and help your child build more resistance to stress. If you feel that your child's problems, no matter what his or her score on this test, are beyond your ability to handle, then seek immediate professional help.

*Taken from Stress and Your Child, Archibald Hart, Word Books, pp. 18-19.

"Our children will define the future, which makes them our most significant and enduring legacy. After all, God never told his followers to take over the world through force or intelligence. He simply told us to have children and then raise them to honor God in all they do." - George Barna

Ephesians 3:20
Now glory be to God! By his mighty power at work within us, he is able to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever dare to ask or hope.


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