Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thought Catching

Do you ever tell yourself these types of things?

If I follow God, he will keep me healthy.

My kids will grow up loving God because we pray with them every

If I love my neighbor, she will respond in friendship.

God helps those who help themselves.

Christians deserve a better place in life.

If I study hard and get good grades, colleges will beg me to apply.

If God wants us to move, he will help us sell our home quickly.

I can manage my greed and lust on my own.

After all I have done for God, he should give me a little slack.

A huge part of renewing the mind is unlearning old patterns of thought. Will you allow Jesus to reshape your thoughts and renew your mind?

Jesus, I do not care for this introspective work. It’s easier to groom the outside of my life than to clean up the inner world. I need you to teach me how to act, feel and think in life-giving ways. But I know that means you will poke around in places I wish to keep hidden. And you will find some junk—including that mirror I keep on the nightstand of my soul, just so I can remember who’s most important in my life. Oh, I am so ashamed sometimes. Will you still love me if you really know me? I’m counting on it. That’s my prayer. Bill Donahue


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