Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our lives are in God's hands

It is clear from Acts 12 that the early church was learning & relearning daily this deep truth. James, the brother of John had been killed by Herod, Peter was in prison, likely going to be killed, and yet the Lord miraculousely saves him!

Peter didn't think he was going to be rescued judging from his reaction the the angel sent to help. Even though the church was praying for his release, they apparently didn't believe that it was going to happen, judging from Rhoda's reception at the news Peter had shown up!

Peter goes on to tell everyone that his rescue was all about what the Lord had done - not his sharp intellect, great courage, physical smarts or anything else for that matter.

Then Peter abrubptly disappears from the book of Acts. Wow.

The chapter closes with Herod being struck down by the Lord, too, showing that ultimately everyone is in God's hands. It only depends at what age we find that truth out!

But the word of God continued to increase and spread.


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