Friday, January 09, 2009

The human can of Red Bull...

Thanks to a Herculean effort by their quarterback Tim Tebow, the University of Florida Gators are today the #1 team in US college football. Tebow was simply unstoppable last night in the Bowl Championship Final between Florida & Oklahoma.

Tebow gives every play maximum effort & simply would not go down without a fight. He is tireless in his efforts to spur his teammates on & to get everyone focused on the task at hand. He reminds me of Paul in that regard.

Even though Paul was under house arrest while in Rome for two years we are told in Acts 28:31 that, 'He announced the kingdom of God, and taught the things about the Lord Jesus, the Messiah, with all boldness, and with no one stopping him.'

While in prison in Rome Paul penned some of the most powerful writings in human history including Colossians, Philippians & Ephesians. We will be looking at the book of Ephesians in the coming months.

Imagine what it was like for Paul while in prison writing praises to God for setting us free & allowing us in on His glorious grace?!

Pray for those, yourself included who long for that type of experience to be your own reality.

May that be the fuel that sends you out into the game of life that you're playing right now...


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