Sunday, February 15, 2009

How did I ever get here, and how the heck am I gonna get home?

As I look back on my own pilgrimage, marked by wanderings, detours, and dead ends, I see now that what pulled me along was my search for grace ... I have barely tasted of grace myself, have rendered less than I have received, and I am in no wise, an 'expert' on grace. These are, in fact, the very reasons that impel me to write. I want to know more, to understand more, to experience more grace ... Accept then, here at the beginning, that I write as a pilgrim qualified only by my craving for grace. Philip Yancey

Now is a time to pay more attention to my own heart, to deepen my own friendship with God and to walk with others who want to do the same. Leighton Ford

That's the path to find our way back to the Father... go ahead & follow the grace crumbs home.


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