Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do The People You Love Know You Love Them?

QUESTION #1: Do I like the person I am becoming?

QUESTION #2: Is the work of God I’m doing destroying the work of God in me?

QUESTION #3: Am I giving my family only my emotional scraps?

As you reflect on these questions keep in mind these five love languages:

1. Words of Affirmation and Encouragement.
2. Quality Time.
3. Receiving Gifts.
4. Acts of Service.
5. Physical Touch.

The Changed Man by Robert Phillips

If you were to hear me imitating Pavarotti
in the shower every morning, you would know
how much you have changed my life.

If you were to see me stride across the park,
waving to strangers, then you would know
I am a changed man - like Scrooge.

awakened from his bad dreams feeling feather-light,
angel-happy, laughing the father
of a long line of bright laughs

"It is still not too late to change my life!"
It is changed. Me, who felt short-changed.
Because of you I no longer hate my body.
Because of you I buy new clothes.
Because of you I'm a warrior of joy.
Because of you and me. Drop by.

This Saturday morning and discover me
fiercely pulling weeds gladly, dedicated
as a born-again gardener.

Drop by on Sunday - I'll Turtlewax
your sky-blue sports car, no sweat. I'll greet
enemies with a handshake, forgive debtors.

with a papal largesse. It's all because
of you. Because of you and me,
I've become one changed man.

"If you have something that you believe in, then it is worth saying boldly."

Go ahead. Tell them that you love them.

"God sends children for another purpose than merely to keep up the race – to enlarge our hearts and to make us unselfish and full of kindly sympathies and affections; to give our souls higher aims; to call out all our faculties to extended enterprise and exertion; and to bring round our firesides bright faces, happy smiles, and loving tender hearts. My soul blesses the great Father every day, that he has gladdened the earth with little children." - Mary Howitt


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