Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Habit of Throwing Ropes

Last year at the Men's Retreat, we canoed, rafted and kayaked the upper Red Deer River. When one of the boats capsized, which happened quite a bit, we made it our first priority to get the guys out of the water as hypothermia is never far off on a mountain river. The only effective way to get a guy off of the river while they're swimming is to throw them a rope and a throw bag to catch. Once it's in their hands they can be steered and guided to shore to catch their breath and warm up. Let me tell you there were some thankful looks when the swimmers made it to shore! Me included!

Can you think about a time when you were in need and someone threw you a rope? What did it mean to you?

Have you thrown any ropes to those in need in the past three months? How do you usually throw ropes? Look at the following list for ideas,

__Sending a card __Providing transportation __Caring for a child

__Contributing financial help __Giving career assistance __Preparing Food

__Providing a meal __Fix up or repairs __ Giving a hug __Listening actively

__Shopping for food __Paint a house __Volunteering __Providing manual labor

__Giving a party __Holding a hand __Extending hospitality __Running errands

__Making a hospital visit __Providing nursing care __ Tutoring __Offering prayer

__Cleaning __Discipling ___Making phone calls __Visiting a home __Sewing

__Reading __Presenting a gift __Shovel a sidewalk __Raking leaves

“I realize that I usually throw ropes to hurting people by________________________________________________________

Romans 12:13
When God's people are in need, be ready to help them. Always be eager to practice hospitality.

God please help me to see with eyes of compassion. Help me see the opportunities to throw a rescue rope rather than a rock of judgment to those in need. Help me too, to swallow my pride and catch the ropes thrown my way. Amen.


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